Monday, 25 February 2013

Kerb Food Trucks

I love the idea of food trucks-- kitchen on wheels, specialising in one or two dishes, popping up around the city offering tasty and affordable food. Kerb has been on our radar for awhile, but the freezing weather kept us away. We had a sudden craving for burritos on Wednesday, so we wrapped up warm and ventured to King's Cross. There's a little path that leads from King's Cross station, passing a giant construction site and down to the canal where Central Saint Martin has a campus. There, right before the canal, a handful of food trucks are parked and lines of people queue in front of them. We head straight to Luardo's, the mexican burrito food truck, which also boasts the longest line of queue. Our research on Kerb told us that Luardo's is made of a Jesus and a Mary truck, you can check where the trucks are on any day of the week on their website. I've heard good things about their fish tacos as well, which is served on saturdays at Brockley Market and according to the website, Luardo's is available to cater for birthdays and weddings, how awesome is that?!

We ordered the pork burrito with all the trimmings (chorizo and guacamole) and it was perfect. The tortilla was soft and the amount of filling just right, everything was bursting with flavour and tasted fresh. You can tell when food is cooked with love and pride, this had to be the best burrito I've had in London. 

After chomping through my half of the burrito (V and I shared), we looked around considering our next course(s). We saw tons of people walking past holding huge cups of fries and the people on the table next to ours were digging into their own cup, I couldn't resist asking them if they were enjoying it. Their affirmation was enough to send V to the Bleecker Street Burger Truck to pick up a cup of "Angry Fries"-- fries with blue cheese and hot sauce. We asked for the fries to be a mix of sweet potato and potato to keep things interesting. I've heard that the woman behind Bleeker Street is a New Yorker and judging by the queues her truck was conjuring, the burgers must be pretty mean, got to try them next time!

While V waited for the fries, I walked down to the Austrian vendor Fleischmob which served Schnizels and sausages. I almost went for the "Rock Me Amadeus"(Cheesy Sausage in a bun) just for the catchy name but thought the Schnizel looked more exotic, since I wouldn't make that at home. While one chef fried the Schnizel at the back, another assembled the sandwich. The guys were lovely and they had teamwork down to a tee, but I found the Schnizel a bit bland/dry, maybe it was because I had it after Luardo's burrito, but I thought it needed more of a sweet sauce. 


Back to the fries, they were fried well, crispy but not drenched in oil. My only criticism is that the addition of blue cheese and hot sauce wasn't heavy handed enough; Because of the size of the cup (XXL soft drink paper cup) only the top fries had some punch, the rest didn't feel any of the love (although they were still good). 

Despite freezing our faces off, it was a great lunch. I can't wait to go back again when the weather's milder and warmer and try the other stuff!

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