Thursday, 24 January 2013

We Love Guilt-Free Food

If you’ve been following our blog, it will be obvious to you that we love food, yummy-tasty-fingerlicking food. What isn’t that apparent from our posts is the fact that 90% of the time, we cook healthy wholesome meals using organic, in season produce. Yes it may come as a shock, after all I’ve just raved about burger and fries 2 weeks ago. We’ve kept our healthy ways to ourselves because we felt amateurish compared to the many health bloggers out there and that we wouldn’t be adding any value. But we’ve had a change of heart because apart from wanting the blog to truly reflect who we are, we want to spread the word that healthy doesn’t mean eating bland, boring food, you don’t have to compromise on taste because Healthy Can Taste AMAZING! Also, it doesn’t mean denying yourself the foods you like (even the naughty stuff), it’s about eating a balanced diet. We love eating out, but we pick our restaurants carefully, we order consciously (we always go for what we really want and can’t make at home ourselves) and we limit ourselves to a maximum of 2 visits a week, the rest of the time we prepare our meals ourselves. So we’ll be sharing our favourite healthy recipes with you from now on, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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