Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Electric Cinema

I love film; I love a good story with a twisting plot, three-dimensional characters brought to life by gifted actors, who deliver beautifully written lines. I was brought up with Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino and Schwarzenegger. Whether it was a spaghetti western, a sci-fi fantasy or a good ol’ epic (Gone with the Wind being my favourite), I have always found time for films and still do. With the digital era upon us, many of us rely on DVDs or Netflix or Sky as sources of entertainment, but it’s no comparison to watching it on the silver screen. If like me, you still enjoy going to cinema, there’s no better place than Electric Cinema on Portobello Road Notting Hill, a cinema that boasts character as well as history. There’s something magical about this tiny cinema that only seats 83; Perhaps it’s the illustrious history-- Founded in 1911 (yes that made it 100 years old last year), it has survived 2 world wars and witnessed the transformation of Notting Hill from slum to posh; or maybe its the luxurious vintage interior of leather sofas, red velvet and antique table lamps. The front foyer has a vintage ticket booth in it, as well as a vintage penny sweet cabinet. Stepping into the cinema, you’re transported to a different era, when cinemas were grand and dramatic. I particularly love the intimacy you get when you book the lovers’ seats at the back, complete with cashmere throws, its perfect for date night. There’s also a bar where you can get wine and beers to get you in the spirit… of unwinding to watch a movie, not of back row shenanigans! So next time you want to impress a date or just feel like treating yourself to the deluxe cinema experience, go to Electric

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